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It's time to embrace uncertainty as means for opportunity and put in place skills, mindsets and working processes that empower, enable learning and create value.

We partner with our clients to develop engaging strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions, and create an Innovative Eco System that benefits all stakeholders.

Your partner in the journey of innovation

Together we will explore the exciting journey of innovation from defining an innovation strategy in alignment with your business strategy, through an idea management process that includes a creative process of idea generation, and an educated choice of best ideas and the implementation of a rapid, innovative execution methodology that allows you to experiment numerous solutions simultaneously and minimize go to market risk.

Innovation is manifested in continuous improvements or new development of products, services, processes and business models.

With a vast experience in managing and leading innovation processes in various sectors coupled with our diverse team of experts, wiscom is the perfect partner for you.


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Innovation Strategy 

In today's ever-changing reality, growing complexity and fierce competition, innovation is essential for organization's survival and growth. To reap the fruits of innovation, it must be managed strategically, with clear goals, metrics, methodologies and processes. Our vast experience in innovation management across various business sectors allows us to align innovation with your overall strategy and culture to leverage its potential to the fullest.

Idea Management

Innovation effort can focus on continuously finding ways to improve our current products, services, business models and processes or on looking for breakthrough ventures that will open up new opportunities and markets. Either way, ideas is the name of the game. We offer on line ideation processes that allow the collaboration of thousands of stakeholders or frontal initiatives that involve designated groups. Either choice you make, we have the tools, know-how and expertise to make sure you collect a bundle of good ideas and from them, wisely select those worth promoting.

Innovative Execution 

Innovation, by definition, carries uncertainty and risk. At Wiscom, utilizing years of experience in product development, proof of concept processes and operation excellence, we designed a unique methodology that combines Lean Startup with creative thinking methodologies such as Design Thinking, lean concepts taken from the operational worlds and pure scientific approach to experimentation, learning, failure and success. In the execution stage, our approach and guidance will enable you to pursue numerous innovative ideas while minimizing risk and uncertainty.


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