Innovation Strategy

Business Strategy is at large, a high level plan to achieve defined business goals.

Innovation strategy is the plan on how best to leverage and utilize innovation to support your efforts to reach business objectives.

Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. While incremental innovation can be sought and executed at all levels of the organization and become an integral part of "how we do things around here", Breakthrough innovations require doing things differently.

Whatever scope of innovation you seek, you need to combine between creating the right environment and setting the right mindset, elevating the right skills and implementing working processes that are embedded in all aspects of every day work.

enviroment, Skills, Working processes



The Strategy is outlined using in depth interviews with key stakeholders, ethnographic observations, gap analysis and questionnaires. It relates to the organization's business strategy, culture and structure.


5W's and 1H Matrix
Value STEP

Additional Tools

  • Employee Journey Map

  • Innovation Leaders & Champions Skill Assessment

  • OCIA mapping

  • Strategy Canvas

  • Lectures and Workshops