Idea Management

It is said that one of the biggest mistakes performed by organizations is coming up with great answers, but…to the wrong questions – the GAWQ trap. That is why we start off with Challenge Allocation, using Mind Mapping, Design Thinking and GEM© methods. Only then do we dive into the Idea Management phase which comprises of collection, evaluation and selection of best ideas.

Ideas Generation    


In accordance with your goals, resources and culture – you can choose between collecting ideas using group dynamic methods or via Idea Management Software.

Group Dynamics: Workshops in which we combine between Design Thinking and Brainstorming techniques to make sure ideation is focused and on track with your goals and needs. Starting with divergent thinking methodologies such as Wish Storming, Question Storming, Brain Writing, Bisociation, Role Playing and more,. All designed to open up bold and new possibilities and offer you a pool of ideas you can choose from.

Idea Management Software:

Using a state-of –the- art Idea Management Platform allows you to tap into the collective wisdom of thousands of stakeholders worldwide. We are experts in ideation platform implementation: from defining the process, design, topics, questions, participants, gamification mechanisms and much more.

Evaluation of ideas 


Innovation initiatives carry a high degree of uncertainty. To minimize risk, its best to screen ideas professionally using methods and tools that guide you in the process of taking educated choices regarding ideas to further invest in.

Step 1 is to set clear criteria for evaluating ideas. Different scenarios require different evaluations and criteria should be aligned with the type and scope of innovation ideas are collected for. Choosing the right criteria is highly important and ensures that only the fittest and most relevant ideas progress to the next stages, stages where resources of time and budget are allocated.

After setting criteria, we move to step 2 – the evaluation process itself using techniques such as pairwise, scorecards and opportunity management tables.

When using Idea Management software, evaluations are performed online and you identify high potential ideas at a glance. ​


  • Mind Mapping

  • Ideation & Creative Thinking Workshops

  • Stakeholder Training

  • Idea Management Platform

  • Opportunity management tables

Either choice you make, we have the tools, know-how and expertise to make sure you collect a bundle of good ideas and select those worth promoting.

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