Innovative Execution

Inspired by the worlds of Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we have developed a method that will take your great idea to the next level - the "MVP Machine"

Prior to starting up the "MVP Machine" a few basic steps must be taken:

1. Make sure you select the right team: T teams of diverse skills and background.

2. Define collaboration guidelines between innovation team and other parties.

3. Set working space and processes: Frequency, duration, tasks and responsibilities.

4. Put in place tracking progress mechanism.

The “MVP Machine”

When risk is high and uncertainty rules, the “MVP machine” allows you to validate your idea’s business viability and provide you with POC (proof of concept) at a relatively short period of time and with minimal spending.

The process is using scientific experiments and learning approach, proving or disproving major hypothesis concerning the idea/product.

Small diverse teams are selected to drive the idea through the process with clear periodic reviews and decision-making method, they either move forward or pivot as the process progresses.

Asking the world “Do you like my idea?” will not get you the reliable information you need in order to evaluate your idea’s real potential. The MVP is your channel to the world, building an MVP and using it to present your idea will not only provide answers to your hypothesis but will also provide answers to important questions you didn't know you need to ask.


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